Executive Team


Dukor Anderline

Chief Superintendent Pharmacist
Bachelors in Pharmacy, MPH, FPCPharm, Masters of Science in Clinical Pharmacy. 25 years to experience.

Nitesh Gupta

Chief Operating Officer
Bachelors in Pharmacy, Masters in Pharmacy. 25 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience

Bhanubhai Patel

Chief Quality Control Officer
BSc in Chemistry with our 41 years of experience. 

Aniruddh Goyal

Chief Audit Officer
Senior Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience


Samir Udani

B.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics from the Mumbai University, India, B.Sc. (Tech) in Food Science from the University Institute of Chemical Technology, 35 years industry experience.

Arjun Udani

Executive Director
B.Sc. in Business Management from the Mumbai University, India, Certification in Advance Project Management (SAPM) from Stanford University, California USA. Currently pursing Customer Relationship & Service Management at GE Global Learning - Crotonville Leadership


Avni Udani

Managing Director
B.Sc. in Economics from the Mumbai University, India, Extensive experience in booking keeping and accounting.

Amy Udani

Executive Director
Bachelors Degree in Pharmaceutical Studies from the Mumbai University, Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacoenomics from the Prin K.M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy in Mumbai, India, Masters in Regulatory Sciences from the University of Southern California, USA.